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Optimize your workout with best-in-class mushrooms in their most superior forms.

PranaFuel is proud to bring you the purest, cleanest, and most effective organic mushrooms on the market.

We’re the only pre-workout with complete control over our supply chain. That means 100% of all ingredients are grown, manufactured, bottled, and shipped in the USA by adults who make a living wage.

High quality training needs high quality prana.


We believe in the power of frequency.

Our Philosophy

Athletes Speak

I used to think adaptogens were a buzzword (and honestly, just a lot of BS!) until I tried yours. I noticed a significant difference during my run, and I don't crash midway through the day. 

Dimyana Hanna, Yogi

I only started running when the gyms closed earlier this year, and I would lose my breath about 5 minutes in. It sucked. With PranaFuel I notice a distinct difference in speed and stamina. Now I take it every morning in my coffee!

Nina Shay, Yoga Teacher

My volleyball team is now doing everything outside on the beach. Mix that extra resistance with the endurance from PranaFuel and we're going to be unbeatable this season.

Derek Cooley, College Volleyball Player