Whether you're a seasoned mycologist or a shroom newb, you might have some questions. 

Will this product work? 

PranaFuel is a blend of medicinal mushrooms, including cordyceps, lion's mane, and reishi, that has loads of health benefits — like giving you a boost of energy and mental clarity, improved immune function, and reduced stress and anxiety. These adaptogens have been used in traditional medicine for centuries, and our testers have found that taking PranaFuel before a workout increases their endurance and helps them stay focused for longer. 

Our favorite story is from a self-proclaimed "want to be runner" who said he couldn't make it past mile 3 without walking. 3 months later, he ran a half marathon. That's all to say, like with everything, practice makes you stronger. But giving your body clean, natural energy definitely helps. 

I don't work out everyday. Should I still take PranaFuel?

The polysaccharides and beta-glucans found in medicinal mushrooms also have been found to have beneficial effects on the immune system, which can help protect against infections and viruses. 

Studies have found that PranaFuel reduces inflammation in the body, promotes a natural immune response, prevents aging of bronchial cells, and inhibits excessive mucus production and bronchoconstriction. 

Research suggests that PranaFuel especially benefits overall lung health. Studies have found that our product reduces inflammation in the body, promotes a natural immune response, prevents aging of bronchial cells, and inhibits excessive mucus production and bronchoconstriction. 

Why is grown in the USA such a big deal? 

Lots of reasons, really. For one thing, our land in Carson City, Nevada sits at an elevation of 5,000 ft, which is an ideal location for maintaining climate control growing conditions (including the reduced air pressure necessary for producing the world’s most potent medicinal mushroom species). It means we can frequently check in on our growing conditions, and ensure we constantly exceed standards. But most importantly, it's to guarantee the integrity of the product. And for us that means NEVER using slave labor in our supply chain. 

Whoa, whoa. Slave labor? 

As far as mushroom supplements are concerned, the vast majority of the mushrooms are sourced from China. Even when a company says "made in the USA" that's very different from "grown in the USA." Unfortunately, we've learned through the process of creating this product that slave labor (whether that's forced labor in prison camps, or child labor) is often used even in the most "regulated" facilities. We couldn't get behind that. In fact, that information caused us to re-evaluate our whole product, and set us back about 8 months while we came up with a solutions.

Is that why PranaFuel is more expensive? 

Honestly: yes. Mushrooms sourced ethically in the United States are significantly more expensive than those sourced from China (which is why so many companies opt for the latter).

Has anyone experienced adverse reactions? 

Adaptogens are considered safe for most people, and allergic reactions are considered to be rare.

Our mushrooms are all USDA organic, planted, picked, and packaged here in the US and do not contain heavy metals or lead (which can sometimes cause adverse reactions in other mushroom brands). Our combination is generally safe, but we recommend you consult your doctor if you have any conditions or questions about your personal health background. 

Is this safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women? 

One of our founders took adaptogenic mushrooms when she was pregnant and breastfeeding, however, we recommend you consult your doctor before taking ANY supplement if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Does it dissolve well in liquid?  

In order to make mushroom powders dissolvable, you have to use additives to make the powder break up, like silica. Though silica is allegedly not harmful, there has been research that has made us stay away. Our powder is ONLY mushrooms — ground up in a way that preserves all the goodness they have to offer. That being said, if you add it into a drink like water or juice, all you have to do is blend, shake it up, or stir! In a smoothie or coffee you shouldn’t even notice it’s there :)